102 Customer Experience Experts Reveal Their CX Challenges and Actions

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Challenges of CX professionals

The Report is a compilation of results from interviews with 102 industry leaders from various industries & service sectors.

CLAYMONT, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a quest to offer a top-notch customer experience (CX), consumer brands have to redefine their customer experience strategies in the post-pandemic era. A study by Clootrack, a customer experience analytics platform, has unearthed vital takeaways that will enable CX professionals to carry out the new changes and encounter emerging challenges.

The Report is a compilation of results from interviews with 102 industry leaders from various industries & service sectors, including customer experience experts, senior leaders of multiple brands, marketing agencies, CX consultants, analytics and insights experts, and customer experience professionals across the globe.

An in-depth study revealing the answers to two pertinent questions;

1. What are the key challenges brands face when trying to understand CX?

2. What actions should brands take up to understand customer experience better?

Key Findings:

1. Top 15 CX challenges, according to CX experts: Starting from underutilization of the rich consumer insights to balancing AI and human touch, CX leaders highlight the top 15 challenges, and interesting to note that most of the challenges are around knowing more about the customers rather than the product or the price.

2. Sixteen expert recommendations to improve CX: From listening to customers to the customer journeys, CX experts reveal the most successful ways to achieve an exceptional customer experience.

3. Lack of leadership commitment towards CX initiatives: Survey respondents have highlighted those brands, in some cases, lack commitment and follow-through on CX-led improvement and innovation, leveraging insights from customer behavior and feedback.

4. Different industries encounter different CX challenges: Each industry has different types of customers. Not tapping into the rich consumer insights and not breaking down organizational silos are the top common challenges seen across most industries. However, there are many other unique challenges in each sector.

5. Customer-centric companies explain precisely what sets them apart: What does it take to provide a best-in-class customer experience? CX experts from big brands, famous brands, and popular brands share their knowledge of delivering great customer experiences.

6. Unbiased 3rd-party CX tools to optimize CX: To elevate understanding of the customers’ experience to the next level, using 3rd party CX tools and AI integrations play a significant role. To understand them in-depth, brands need to get all the necessary tools to gain insights into customers’ experiences throughout their customer journey.

Brands are still on the threshold of the unexpected changes caused by the pandemic. There is no tailor-made safe zone for these brands; successful brands and leaders have to work hard to make their brands to be in the safe zone.

The challenges are increasing day by day. It could be a technological shift, a competitive mentality of individual departments inside an organization, or irresponsible customer support executives. Understanding your brand and your customers profoundly is the key to winning in this arena.

For more findings on the challenges and actions recommended by 102 CX professionals, download the 102 CX Experts Report.


About Clootrack: Clootrack is an intelligent customer experience analytics platform for enterprises and high-stake decision-makers. Our powerful AI-driven engine helps brands understand the qualitative reasons “why” their customer experience drops. All in real-time. For more information, visit www.clootrack.com

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