Florida’s Hot and Steamy Medicinal JUSBUSH Tea Tells Drinkers to Have a ‛cuppa’ and Feel Better

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JUSBUSH TEA – Just like nature intended



JUSBUSH TEA - naturally brewed herbal tea

JUSBUSH TEA – naturally brewed herbal tea

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Who does not enjoy a hot, steaming cup of tea that soothes and warms you deep within? Two friends from Miami aim to satisfy tea lovers worldwide with their back-to-basics approach, using natural resources from the earth, in creating JUSBUSH. This healthy, fragrant cup ready (no steeping necessary) brew is making its mark in the beverage industry. Just heat it up and drink.

According to teausa.com, “Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water.” The curators of JUSBUSH know hydration is one key to good health. Lack of hydration also impairs the body’s ability to flush out toxic waste and acid. On this premise, the team at JUSBUSH created a naturally brewed herbal tea to help customers stay hydrated during times of illness. JUSBUSH is just another method of getting the fluids a person needs to help their bodies fight off disease.

The natural ingredients used in JUSBUSH are dug up from the earth or picked from trees, such as raw turmeric. They are proven to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that might assist during ailments such as the common cold and flu-like symptoms. Many studies attest to the fact that tea has medicinal properties and promotes health. Satisfied customers agree that JUSHBUSH aids in relaxation and helps with anxiety, insomnia, and many more diseases.

There is also no caffeine in JUSBUSH and no preservatives or additives to protect from decay. This results in a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is made in small batches and is only shipped when an order is placed. Every order is fresh and free of harmful chemicals. It is a safe and pure drink for adults and children. The makers of JUSBUSH claim, “Drinking JUSBUSH every day, will have that lasting impact on your wellness. Skip the coffee and try this stuff and see what the hype is all about!”

JUSBUSH makes no health claims, but those who have consumed their products speak for them, “I have a cup first thing every morning. One because it’s so convenient, and two because it makes me feel so good. I just heat it for one to two minutes and that’s it, and I have seen a big improvement with my sniffles, and that’s a huge deal for me. Muchos Gracias to my friends at JUSBUSH.” – J. Anderson

For more information, please Email: [email protected] or Website: www.jusbushtea.com

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