“Root Wellness” CLEARED of “Accused Fraud” by Network Marketing Professionals

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The ROOT-Brands is ‘Best-of-State’ Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle Company based on Nature’s Solutions. TheRootBrands.com is 5-Star Rated, Peered Reviewed & Top 10

The ROOT Brands’ products are revolutionary, internationally renowned, and effectively designed to Detox, Improve Immunity and Boost Health & Wellness.”

— Gevers, Chief Science Officer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ABOUT CLAYTON THOMAS: “Clayton Thomas” possesses over 25 years’ experience in health and wellness. Growing up in an animal veterinary practice in southwest Washington, Clayton has a unique background in integrative therapies and research science that started in animal health. Having a degree in humanities with a focus in communications, business and kinesiology, his broad studies has allowed for a history that includes research and formula development.

For the last 16 years, “Clayton Thomas” has focused on detoxification and ation formulas and business ventures. His background has included environmental and human health solutions, but he has remained dedicated to animal health. An entrepreneur in the healthcare industry he has developed business models of analytical testing in medical practices to improve quality of care by identifying risks of the big three diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, with additional risk factors. “Clayton Thomas” has served as a business development specialist in every aspect of wellness: sales, distribution, formulation creation, consulting, manufacturing and now the architect of an entirely new method of business with the ROOT social sharing community platform. His mission is to help improve the world through scientific and business approaches. A simple philosophy: Cure the Cause.

ABOUT THE DSA: DSA is committed to the highest ethical business standards for the direct selling channel and to the customers our member companies serve every day. Our Code of Ethics is a robust series of policies that every DSA member agrees to follow as condition of membership. It holds member companies accountable to policies that protect independent salespeople and consumers and encourages the entire marketplace for direct selling to meet these high standards. For example, the Code prohibits statements or promises that mislead consumers or prospective salespeople and sets stringent guidelines for earnings representations, product claims, sales and marketing tactics and policies for order cancellations and returns. DSA members have strengthened the Code since its enactment in 1970 to ensure it stays relevant with changing stakeholder expectations

One of the hallmarks of our Code of Ethics is that it is enforced by an independent administrator empowered by DSA members to resolve issues. The Code Administrator can impose a variety of remedies in the event of a Code violation including calling for refunds, ordering a mandatory repurchase of inventory or other measures as needed. When media reports or other sources make the Administrator aware of allegations that could be Code violations, the Administrator may conduct an investigation into the practices of our members and suggest how issues may be resolved. The Direct Selling Association: Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association for companies that market products and services directly to consumers through an independent, entrepreneurial salesforce. DSA serves to promote, protect and police the direct selling industry while helping direct selling companies and their independent salesforce become more successful. We started in 1910 as the Agents Credit Association by a group of representatives in Binghamton, New York hoping to resolve issues with agents unable to collect payments.

Today the DSA provides members various services from educational materials, access to industry research, networking opportunities, professional development, and other support programs. The DSA works with Congress, government agencies, consumer protection organizations and others on behalf of our nearly 130 member companies. One of the most pivotal roles the DSA plays is through the commitment to self-regulation and our Code of Ethics. Mission: To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure member companies’ products and the direct selling opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics.

ABOUT Dr. Christina Rahm: Dr. Rahm (AKA: Dr. Christina Rahm Cook) is an ‘artistic scientist’ and experienced ‘clinical researcher.’ She has traveled worldwide consulting for international businesses in these critical areas: (1) Best Business-Practices, (2) the Power of Natural, Healthy Ingredients and (3) The Importance of Focusing on Self-Wellness.

Dr. Rahm’s education consists of: Undergraduate degree, Master degree, Doctorates, and Post-Graduate-work in Science. Her extensive focus includes targeted education and enhanced training in: Tissue Engineering, Counseling, Psychology, Nano-Structures, Health Rehabilitation, Biochemical Engineering, Nano-Technology, Bioscience Engineering, Biomedical Product Development, Nano-Biotechnology in addition to Targeted Drug Delivery.

Dr. Rahm’s continued-education includes advanced-studies at: Southwest Baptist, Murray State University, University of South Alabama, University of Sarasota, Argosy University, Peri Institute along with Harvard and Charter. Dr. Rahm is not a M.D. (i.e. Medical Doctor), but rather the title, Dr. Christina Rahm and/or Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, is her public figure name and relates directly to her dedicated efforts, and Advanced Degrees, in the Sciences (Including Doctorate and Post-Doctorate work in various scientific fields).


Root Wellness LLC

116 Wilson Pike Circle, Suite 100

Brentwood, TN 37027

info @ therootbrands.com

Dr. Rahm’s Pharmaceutical and Biotech careers consist of executive level work in: Business and Industry Consulting, Clinical Science, Sales, Medical Science, as well as Clinical Research. She has worked with companies including: Pfizer, Bristol Meyer Squibb, UCB, Biogen, Biogen Idec, Janssen / J&J, and Alexion. Because of concerns with unverifiable finished-product quality, Dr. Rahm no longer has confidence in, and does not endorse or ‘back,’ any previous, cold-press, seed-based nutritional products that she helped to formulate and/or manufacture. Furthermore, again for efficacious reasons, Dr. Rahm also does not endorse, represent, license, or sale any diluted “water solutions” like: Water-soluble zeolite clinoptilolite fragments, Water-soluble zeolite products, and/or any fictional products that have “hydrolyzed clinoptilolite fragments” because of well documented quality-control, safety concerns, and the lack of real-world results.

While Dr. Rahm previously filed provisional patents in this particular toxin removal and detoxifying space, upon reviewing hard scientific findings, she subsequently decided to not defend any patents due to a lack of confidence in both the: (a) Formulations (b) Manufacturing processes and the (c) Clearly undeveloped and unproven technologies. Instead, Dr. Rahm pivoted and has developed scientifically superior products by utilizing her years of advanced Bio-Science Engineering, proven Nutraceutical Product Development and Registered, Pharmaceutical-Grade, Laboratory Protocols (Including cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practice).

Root Wellness LLC
Root Wellness LLC
info @ therootbrands.com
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