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Jaise Subasish ji ne Trading & Investing seekhkar apne liye wealth banayi
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In this Josh Talk, Subashish Pani – CEO of Power Of Stocks, talks about his trading and investing journey in stock market and how he was earning 5 lakhs a year and now he earns 5 lakhs a day by doing full time trading. His journey is inspiring for all the traders who wants to pursue stock market trading as a full time career professionally.

Generally, people new to stock market have some questions in mind like how they can earn money from stock market and after some time the question changes to how to become a full time trader after initial profit phase, Subasish answers their questions and talks about the most important aspect of stock market investing and trading i.e. Psychology. It’s the one of the main factor that is different between a professional trader and a novice trader. Comment down your learning from the Subasish’s Josh Talk.

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