Popstar! Today, Hosted by Elizabeth Stanton, Officially Renewed and Picked up for Season 2

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Elizabeth Stanton

This is a show about trends and themes as to what’s hot and what’s not and each week has a different theme. This is the real inside track of what viewers really want to know about their favorite stars”

— Elizabeth Stanton

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Popstar! Today which is hosted by acclaimed host Elizabeth Stanton has officially renewed and picked up in syndication. This success means that Popstar! Today is coming back in full force with Season 2 on stations across the country this September with all-new episodes. Popstar! Today is based on Popstar! Magazine, which is one of the top celebrity magazines of the last two decades and has a social media network of nearly 5 million people. In addition to being seen on stations across the US, Popstar! Today is also seen in over 100 countries around the world through the Popstar! TV Network.

“This is not just another entertainment news series,” states Elizabeth Stanton. “This is a show about trends and themes as to what’s hot and what’s not and each week has a different theme. This is the real inside track of what viewers really want to know about their favorite stars.” Stanton is also the host of the annual Best of Popstar! for the CW Network, presented by Associated Television International.

In Popstar! Today, host Elizabeth Stanton shows viewers the hottest trends in celebrity lifestyles where viewers will get the latest inside track
and what’s hot and what’s not. Some of the themes include but are not limited to traveling celebrity secret vacation spots, fashion/beauty, Hollywood marriages, Holly stars’ kids, and so much more.

POPSTAR! Magazine brings the latest in the world of celebrities, fashion, music, and everything in between – a visually captivating, compelling read designed for today’s modern, dynamic minds and their hunger to know more. Popstar! is a successful franchise that has spawned several network television specials and featured segments worldwide, of which Popstar! Today was born.

Elizabeth Stanton

Elizabeth Stanton has been a world traveler her entire life, experiencing the culture of Europe, the wonders of the Far East, and the natural beauty of remote destinations. She started hosting “Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World” at the age of 15, and currently hosts the highest-rated new series for the CW with “World’s Funniest Animals” now in its second season, “Street Magic” in syndication, as well as several highly rated specials for the CW network including “The Big Stage”, “The Hollywood Christmas Parade” and “Popstar’s Best Of…”

Elizabeth is very passionate about giving back and is a supporter of the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation, donating thousands of toys to the organization over the last few years. In addition, she has donated money earned from her show to the homeless men, women, and children of Los Angeles, ultimately helping to feed over 4000 families in Los Angeles for two months. Earlier this year, Elizabeth teamed with Buca Di Beppo to distribute 10,000 meals between Los Angeles and New York to healthcare frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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