Varla Scooter Becomes The First Commute Choice For Adults As US Gas Prices Rise Sharply

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The amazing electric scooter brand intends to unveil a new and improved product, amidst the current gas price hike to expand greater demand.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, May 17, 2022 / — American manufacturer of premium electric scooters, Varla Scooter, is fast becoming the brand of choice for many adult Americans, as they try to save themselves from the unfavourable consequences of skyrocketing gas prices.

In the US, petrol prices have hit record highs due to reasons such as industrial chain restructuring, the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, taxes, and refining costs. The ongoing war in Ukraine, as well as sanctions imposed against Russia, has fundamentally affected the supply chain and inflated prices to never-before-seen rates.

Given that the majority of consumers who are bearing the brunt of the price hike are car owners who require fuel for their petrol-powered vehicles, many Americans are turning to electrically powered alternatives such as electric cars and vehicles.

As one of the leading providers of electric scooters in the world, Varla electric scooters have been touted by many Americans as the first commute choice, thanks to the efficient design and sheer performance power, as well as their incredibly affordable pricing.

Unlike petrol-powered vehicles, the power of the electric scooters comes from the motor and it stores energy by electricity rather than limited resources. Varla Scooter is proof that Electric scooters are not only good for the environment but are also cost-effective and even then, still come with fine accessories and assembly.

Leading the electric scooter market with its Varla Eagle One and Varla Pegasus scooter options, Varla Scooter allows both off-road adventure enthusiasts and inner-city dwellers to navigate their world on super-efficient and sleek electric scooters.

Adopting a direct-to-consumer sales strategy has also helped the company cut out all the unnecessary middlemen from its distribution chain, thereby driving its operating costs to the barest minimum so it can offer riders a truly premium scooter without the premium price tag.

Already, Varla Scooter has sold a combined 7000 units of both its flagship scooters and has announced that it is on course to add a new and improved incredible blast scooter to its already impressive collection of high-performing electric scooters this April.

Anyone interested in making a switch from petrol-powered engines to an efficient and stylish electric scooter can simply visit the company’s website to view the options available for purchase.

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Fast Off-road Electric Scooter for Adults | Varla Eagle One

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